A quick overview of how a page from Vol. 1 of my graphic novel series, Peach Fuzz, was made:

Step 1: Storyboards – Working from the script, a small thumbnail sketch of the scene is drawn.
Step 1 - Storyboard

Step 2: Pencils – Using the storyboard as a guide, the page is carefully redrawn on 11″x17″ comic board.
Step 2 - Pencils

Step 3: Inks – The penciled page is scanned into the computer in two parts, pieced together, and digitally inked in Painter by Jared Hodges.
Step 3 - Inks

Step 4: Screen Tone – All the shading, patterns, gradients, line bursts, and other special effects are done at this point.
Step 4 - Screentone

Step 5: Lettering – The dialogue is added, and page is ready for print!
Step 5 - Lettering