“My Arctic Animal” Competition: Create a Comic for Conservation – Help the Polar Bears Through Creativity

I’ve teamed up with Wildlife Warriors, an organization for wildlife conservation and awareness, to host an international comic competition for kids and teens in support of Polar Bears International and the Arctic Documentary Project.

Open to contestants internationally within three age categories – eight and under, nine to thirteen, fourteen to eighteen, entrants are invited to submit a one-page comic inspired by Arctic wildlife! The winner will receive a character cameo in a Last of the Polar Bears side-story, an original illustration, The Last of the Polar Bears Pre-Dawn book, and a Polar Bears International bear adoption kit!

Click here for more competition details!

Please spread the word to family and friends. Pass on the link through Twitter, Facebook, and email. If you know any teachers, or kids and teens that are interested in art, comics, or wildlife, let them know about the competition. It’s a great opportunity to inspire creativity and help promote Polar Bear research and preservation of the species. 🙂