Merry Christmas, dear readers! My holiday surprise for you is new Last of the Polar Bears pages! ^o^

As I’ve mentioned a couple times over the past two months, I’m currently in the process of storyboarding the comic in its entirety, in preparation for a relaunch early next year, and a return to regular weekly updates.

As part of storyboarding the comic, I’ve reworked the first chapter. There’s a couple of important reasons for this, but for now I’ll just say that due to the changes, I won’t be able to use the pages I created last year and will be making a fresh start (though I will be able to salvage quite a few panels from them).

Leading up to the big relaunch, I have about 20 pages I penciled last year, but never posted. Since I won’t be able to use them in their current form for the relaunch, I thought it would be fun to share them in their raw pencil form. This particular page doesn’t have any dialogue, but text will be included on pages where the characters speak, for your reading enjoyment. 🙂

Enjoy, and happy holidays!