Create a Comic for Conservation – Help the Polar Bears Through Creativity

October 2012 update: The winners of the Artic Animal competition have been announced! Click here to view the winning entries!

In her new role as global wildlife guardian, Lindsay Cibos, creator of The Last of the Polar Bears has teamed up with Wildlife Warriors to host an international comic competition for kids and teens in support of Polar Bears International and the Arctic Documentary Project.

Entrants are invited to submit a one-page comic inspired by Arctic wildlife! The winner will receive a character cameo in The Last of the Polar Bears side-story, an original illustration by Lindsay, The Last of the Polar Bears Pre-Dawn book, and a PBI polar bear adoption kit!

The competition encourages participants to ‘Explore the Arctic’, discovering the beauty and fragility of this endangered ecosystem and develop an understanding and appreciation for the amazing diversity of animals it supports.

Competition Details:

  • Open to contestants internationally within three age categories – eight and under, nine to thirteen, fourteen to eighteen.
  • Entrants must submit ‘original work only’ as a one-page comic about an animal from the Arctic.
  • The subject of your comic must be an Arctic animal. Looking for inspiration, or not sure which animals live in the arctic? Here’s the Arctic National Wilfelife Refuge list of arctic mammals, birds, and fish.
  • Comic format and style are up to you! It can be funny or serious, black and white, or color. Just be creative and have fun with it.
  • Submit your entry to with the header MY ARCTIC ANIMAL. Include your name and age with the comic. (If you don’t have access to a scanner and would prefer to send your entry through the mail, email me for the address.)
  • Due Date: Competition closes August 31, 2012.

Overall winner will receive:

  • Cameo appearance of their character in The Last of the Polar Bears Side-Story.
  • Illustration based on the overall winner’s entry (signed original pencil art, plus signed color print).
  • Feature profile in Bare Essentials and a $100 PBI polar bear adoption kit (sponsored by ‘Wildlife Warriors’ Initiative).

Winners from each age group will receive:

Resources for inspiration:

Click on the links below to learn more about the Arctic wilderness and find inspiration for your comic:

The winners will be announced in October 2012. Good luck!


UPDATE: August 31 marks the close of the Arctic Animal Competition. I am amazed and moved by the creativity, passion and variety of the entries I received. If you participated, give yourself a big pat on the back. It’s going to be very difficult to narrow down the winners!

Check back on the website on October 20th when I’ll be announcing the results of the competition, and sharing my favorites.